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If your question is what to do in Barcelona?, our Barcelona guide app is the answer.

iguide Barcelona is a free app that allows you to take guided tours of Barcelona as if you were accompanied by a private tour guide.

As if you were in the hands of a tour guide, let yourself be guided by detailed offline maps and discover monuments, charming shops and anecdotes of the city.

No need to be connected to the internet to use the app.

Impossible to get lost thanks to our offline maps and the detailed descriptions of each sightseeing itinerary, where you can locate yourself with GPS and compass (without being connected to internet).

During the city tours discover the most importants monuments in Barcelona: Sagrada Familia, Casa Batló, casa Milá, Palau de la música... and much more...

Up to date information of the monuments visiting hours, prices, and link to their official web to buy tickets online.

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Available city tours

Barcelona Guide Las Ramblas
The Rambla, before becoming the central artery of Barcelona, and becoming world famous, was only the bed of a stream that flowed before the walls of the city to the sea.
On one side stood the fortified city, and on the other, convents, hospices and markets that did not need the protection of the walls.
Going down the Rambla and onto the side streets we will discover his history...
Barcelona Guide The Gothic Quarter
The Gothic quarter, is in reality the historical center of Barcelona. The city’s history starts with the construction of the fortified city, called Barcino by the Romans, approximately in 15 A.C.
You can still find lots of architectural remains from this time: fortified walls, guard towers, aqueducts and baths...
Then we can also see the great buildings of the middle ages like the cathedral, numerous churches and basilicas, the Palace of the Generalitat and the episcopal palace...
Barcelona Guide The Modernist Route
Modernism, lived its high point in Catalonia between 1888 and 1911. During these years many rich industrialists contracted the most famous architects of the moment to build impressive mansions.
Many of the most representative of these buildings are located near Paseo de Gracia, which at the time was the avenue of reference for the Catalonian bourgeoisie.
During this tour we will discover the city's most impressive facades...

Available soon...

Barcelona Guide essential monuments
Discover the spirit of Barcelona during this visit of the most significant monuments.
This tour of the city center will show you emblematic monuments that will help you to discover various aspects of the city.
Barcelona Guide des Centennial shops
Centennial shops, still open, are hidden in the narrow streets of the city centre.
Most of them belong to the same family for several generations and are still open.
This guided tour will take you to discover the most photogenic shops.
Barcelona Guide Born quarter
In the Middle Ages many guilds of craftsmen and merchants, as well as part of Barcelona's nobility moved into the Born quarter.
There remain many evidences of this medieval past that we will discover during this visit.

Barcelona offline map...

Barcelona Guide essential monuments
A Barcelona offline map covering the main monuments in Barcelona is included in the app, so you don't need to connect to internet during the tours.